Why windows phone failed?


Unless you have gone against the tide and use a mac or some flavour of Linux you probably have a desktop or a laptop or any windows for better or worse but how is it? The Microsoft managed to be the dominant player on PCs yet most invisible on the smartphones that we all carry everywhere. Well believe it or not it was not too long ago that the windows OS was actually the market leader of smartphones. Before the original IPhone was released in 2007 the smartphone market was a mismatch of lots of different devices without any real must have models among them and many of them ran windows mobile so many in fact that Microsoft owns nearly half of the smartphone market before Apple got into the game.


The early presence in the market and the policies

So what really happened was that Microsoft presence in the market were very significant it was still a company whose bread was butter was software for traditional PCs and their management at the time wanted to be curious about throwing themselves headfirst into mobile sceptical as to whether it would catch on as a Microsoft did not devote enough resources to windows mobile which quickly became dated and while at the same time Apple’s iOS rapidly gained popularity making matters worse. The Windows mobile experiences a little different depending on which phone out of that mismatch of the devices I mentioned earlier. You were using something that makes a software product very difficult to hold on to market but hold on to the mobile market.

Android had already become the widespread and not only it was technologically superior to what Microsoft was offering but it was also free by contrast Microsoft charged phone manufacturers for windows phone slices just like you have to pay for the windows licence for your PC today. Now Microsoft justified this because they thought android was too bare-boned and would cause fragmentation of market. Sound familiar but what actually happened was that it gave phone industry a freely available base. They included tons of google services that people actually wanted to use. And one can easily buy these phones using Shopclues Sale with great offers.

So in 2010 Microsoft realising the PCs were losing ground to the mobile phones and decided to take the competition seriously and replaced windows mobile with windows phone OS but while the reviews were pretty good one of the main issues at that point was that half developers were already focused on iOS and android so it became a chicken and egg problem.


Developers on the tasks and solution to issued problems


They admitted defeat and Microsoft had to “buy” the Nokia licensing deal. It was woefully late in the smartphone war and then four years after the birth of the iPhone, three years after the first Android phone.

Nokia proved the platform’s strength; would-be partners feel they can’t compete while paying for a Windows Phone license that is effectively free to a big competitor. There were not enough windows phone users for developer’s even big platform like Instagram bother to support the platform and it was very difficult to attract people with the absence of apps like YouTube, Instagram and many other games that used to draw attention of the users.


New strategies did not work well for them

All this came up in head in 2014 when Microsoft bought Nokia’s division hope named a market power what would give windows the boost and show people that windows phone is worth it. It is all going to be over now as they were coming up with new things and modification in their products. And this caught some eyes on it as well as their sale increased a bit but that was not enough.

Shortly after the Nokia agreement was announced and smartly defended by Elop as a victorious battle in the war of platforms and disaster strikes. Nokia’s CEO in effect killed his existing product line by announcing a new line of Windows Phone devices that shipped the following year. Customers got the message.

The Nokia situation became so bad that, in 2013, Microsoft was forced to buy the company rather than letting its one and only Windows Phone vector die. Stripping away the verbiage, Microsoft now had an Apple-like vertically integrated smartphone business. The company’s Lumia brand of smartphones offers respectable devices but they come too late in a world dominated by Android and iOS products. And now one can easily buy an android phone at reasonable prices using Paytm Mall Cashback with great deals.

Who was responsible?

In 2015 Microsoft wrote $7.6 billion as the consequences of the Nokia acquisition and laid off thousand of employees, mostly in its phone business, the one that today has become what we do not want to have. We know who/what killed Windows Phone, and it’s not android. We could point fingers at one or more Microsoft execs as the culprits but that totally misses the point, Microsoft culture did it. Culture was dangerous under the field of consciousness it sneakily filtered and shaped perceptions.


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