What is the best bed frame? Comparative and opinions


A bed frame is an essential element for your mattress. This article helps you to choose the best bed frame from metal frames, wood, with or without storage (drawers), with or without slatted frame.

The classification of bed frames

Double bed with slatted bed base and headboard

With a structure made of solid pine, the double bed IDIMEX has a bed frame covered with a synthetic material with beautiful rhinestones as decoration. This bed frame gives this bed a very modern look. If you like the padded effect, I recommend this bed model. The thick slats, very good bills add a plus to the quality of this product. In addition, its assembly is also easy. However, be careful of the plastic bed legs that look fragile.

2 seater metal bed frame

Like the metal beds, the Aingoo model exudes simplicity and elegance in its design. The structure in black lacquered steel shows a great taste in design. If you are looking for a bed for your child’s room, I can offer you this model. Its shape and minimalist style are perfect for this kind of use. In addition, the assembly is easy and once mounted, the bed is stable and solid. Only downside: the lack of structure to block the mattress that can slide out of bed.

Bed with several storage spaces (drawers), slatted bed base

If you are mainly looking for practicality, I recommend the Meu Móvel multifunction bed model from Madeira C4021164-136CHILD. This bed can be used as storage cabinet . Indeed, it has drawers, lockers and shelves. One of its ends can even be pulled to serve as a bedside table. Of a very high quality, this solid pine bed is a little difficult to mount. Indeed, its editing takes a little time: a whole afternoon with two people according to some users.

MATELSOM Full bed Tania

In the category of beds that also serve as storage space, this bed MATELSOM, made with solid pine has several drawers where you can easily store your belongings. These are also mounted on wheels. This allows you to shoot them easily. It is advisable to mount it to two to gain a little more time. You can also take advantage of the excellent quality of the manufacturing material of this model. Although some people purchased bed base found it a bit hard, it is still a model of good quality.

Metal bed frame with slatted base

The steel structure of this bed exudes stability and robustness. Its poplar wood slatted frame can provide firm and stable support for your mattress. The big bonus of this model is its ease of maintenance. Indeed, his plastic feet are easy to clean. The assembly of the bed is easy. Buyers of this product agree that they have made a good deal because it is good value for money. People who do not like low beds will have to bring a riser to raise a little height of this bed.

Metal bed frame also usable as a bench

A sofa bed, who does not dream? It is ideal for relaxing. With this model of vidaXL, you have found the model suitable for this kind of need. The metal structure with the beautiful patterns gives this bed model a look that is both elegant and simple. You can use it as a bed and a couch. Its size allows it. If the assembly is easy to mount, we can warn against its fragility over time.

How to choose a bed frame?

A bed frame style worthy of the best bed

However, to determine the style of bed frame appropriate to your type of bed, you must take into account your needs. So, if you want to have extra storage space, a trunk bed is best for you.

Drawers slipped under the bed are very practical. If you are more concerned about the decoration of your room, the beds with columns are made for you. They are very decorative. Finally, if you have babies, a bed frame with bars is preferred to protect your child. In short, your choice will be dictated mainly by your needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

A bed frame with the right material

On this point, two tendencies compete for the market: metal and wood. If you play on the budget and have a little tight, you can opt for metal models. You can in this case, find iron or copper bed frames.

Metal is a material that offers the advantage of being strong, durable, durable and inexpensive. Wooden bed frames are more expensive, but they offer more aesthetics. Most of the time, cherry and oak is used as the material of manufacture. In sum, in terms of the material, you will choose according to your taste and your budget.

A bed frame that meets your needs

Although you have the best bed and bed frame, if they do not meet your needs it’s a lost investment. Thus, before you start any purchase, it is necessary to precisely determine your needs and the use you have planned. Since a bed frame is used above all to ensure a good support for the mattress and mattress, besides the structure, it must also have the proper size.

In addition, you must also consider your type of bed: single or double. In addition, the size of your bed frame must also take into account the space you have, especially if you do not have a bed yet. In any case, it is best to always opt for a large bed frame because it is better to have it too big than too small.


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