Ways to Drive More Traffic Using SEO To A Brand-New Website


We all know how competitive the world has grown into, everyone wants to be at the top, the taste of success is everyone’s choice. There are lot many companies involved in the same business line, serving identical products, provided this scenario the competition has become a lot tougher.

Gaining customer trust is a crucial element when it comes to retaining them for a longer time period. And the job becomes 100 times more exhausting if the company is new in the business or a start-up. There is an end number of companies in the world today, with so many options the customers also get confused about the credibility of the business.

With the invention of Internet, everything has changed, longer routes have been replaced with shorter paths, online shopping has grown into a comfortable trend and so much more. Amidst all these changes one more thing has evolved that is digital marketing. Earlier the available choices for promoting the products and services included TV, radio, newspapers, and public directories, all of it was effective but couldn’t reach customer target across other countries or state.

Why Use Seo?

Digital marketing uses this most effective tool named SEO to boost a company’s ranking and bring organic traffic to the site. SEO is performed by SEO experts, they have abundant knowledge of all the tricks and elements of SEO. While it is a lot easier to perform SEO for well-known and already famous companies, the task becomes more laborious in the case of new companies.

The promotion of new companies through traditional channels like tv, radio costs a lot of money and the business in its initial stages cannot afford to take such a huge burden but the marketing is also needed. The most ideal solution to this problem is search engine optimization or SEO. It promotes the company on all the digital channels and makes the impact a lot stronger by achieving top ranks on the search engine result page.

SEO is a cost-effective method of driving more traffic to a company’s website and if it’s a new company the significance grows. Many think that SEO is a cake walk and it will bring great results immediately to a company, but this is not the truth, it takes time and a good deal of patience to witness the success.

What is the correct method of doing SEO for a business? Everything has two ways of doing things, it can be either right or totally wrong, likewise, if the SEO is performed by an experienced SEO expert, the results will be great. Here are the correct ways to drive traffic to a brand-new website using SEO:

  • The Element of Freshness

The Google algorithm in regard to the freshness of content on a website is of the most importance. The keyword fluctuations have added fuel to the demand for content upgradation. In such a situation it has become crucial for websites to keep on updating their posts, remove the old content from the website and give customers what they are demanding.

Research showed that websites with frequently refreshed content rank at top positions of search engine result page or SERP than those with old content.

  • A thorough Keyword Research

What is the most trending search of today’s era? What are the consumers demanding? All these questions can be answered by finding out the trending keywords. Do a thorough research of keywords involved in your business line, and from there you can identify the demands of your potential customers.

Upload your website content with trending keywords so that the customer’s accessibility to your site enhances. One important thing to take care of is choose the keyword with medium to low traffic when doing it for a brand new website.

  • Content-Length

The length of content really matters. No one likes to read long content with unwanted elements in it. We as customers also prefer the website which has provided the information in short, crisp and accurate manner. It would be wise advice to take care of the content length. The short content is a lot more engaging than reading long paragraphs.

But when it comes to informative pieces keep the content a bit longer by explaining all the elements of the topic to the user. The content size differs from topic to topic, so try to maintain this factor.

  • Type of Posts

What is the user looking for on the internet? If you have found an answer to this question, the choice of the post becomes easier for you. Upload content relatable to your website, you cannot upload a completely different content on the website otherwise instead of attracting customers it will repel them.

Maintain continuity in posting blogs, it is beneficial to upload them on a regular basis, this will keep the visitor engaged on your website.

  • Linking

Linking is equally important as all other factors are. If the content of your webpage is similar to or includes the elements of content on the other page of the same website, add links to them. This linking will help the visitors to scroll through other pages of your website as well, in conclusion, the traffic will increase.

We all know that too much of anything is dangerous, in a similar manner, too much of links on a website can be considered as suspicious activity by the search engine and it can decrease the ranking or even block the site.

  • Guest Posts

There are so many bloggers and influencers who do guest posting for a different type of websites. If you have created some awesome content send it to bloggers and ask them to do guest posting for your website.

This technique will bring new audiences to your website. The website reach enhances, and more and more people get aware of the website’s existence.

If a website has a great amount of customer traffic, it will survive in this competitive world. The whole idea of starting a company is to serve the customers but if the customer reach is limited the survival is in danger. SEO is a great tool to gain organic traffic along with cost-effectivity.


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