Ways in which your website design can make or break your SEO


While the companies today have understood the significance of SEO for their business promotion and customer reach, the importance of website design still stands at the bottom of the necessities list. Website design is the face of the company, if its design is creative and innovative the user trust will build up.

The website design is an investment rather than an inconvenient expense as many think so. The design of a website has a great deal of authority in making or breaking the image and SERP rankings. Each and every element of the website needs to coordinate efficiently with each other.

Has Design Any Effect on The Traffic Gain or Ranking Of Website?

A customer gets captivated by the title tag and meta description of your website and decides to go further, but the inside image of the website is extremely poor, elements are placed in a weird manner, colour coordination is poor, navigation is extremely rough and so on, what will the customer do now?

The answer is very obvious, he/she will head back to the search engine result page to look for other sources of data, and you just lost a potential customer because of the poor website design.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, they work towards providing the customer with the most suitable search results. In this process, they continuously change the algorithms and rank the sites on the basis of user adaptability.

If the number of customers being repelled by the outlook of your website goes higher than the number captivated, the search engine will decrease your ranking as the website is not delivering any excellence for the customers.

Web design is extremely fragile to handle, so the company should be extra careful while outsourcing the design contract to any web designer. It is not necessary that only a well-established agency has the ability to perform the task efficiently, there are many freelance web designers in Delhi who can do the job in a much successful way.

A website includes multiple elements that come together to decide the SEO effectivity. Performing SEO for a well-structured website makes the task a lot easier rather than a scattered and non-proportioned website. Here are a few ways or elements that can make or break the SEO of a website if not taken care of-

  • Make the Website an Eye-Treat

The outlook of a website is the persuading factor for the customers. Humans have the tendency of judging things by its appearance if it looks pretty it is good otherwise it would be ignored by everyone.

Every website wants to be unique and easily identifiable for better customer reach, but the process of making it unique involves lot many elements. The great design satiates the customer and increases the website ranking as well.

  • Icon Placement

The location of icons and service options on a website should be easy to find. Ensure that the navigation process is swift for the users and the chance of hurdles is reduced to a minimum.

For instance- a digital marketing company has mentioned its services in a scattered manner rather than at one place, the difficulty of the user to find the desired service boosts up. SERP ranking of poorly navigated sites will fall to the bottom.

  • Mobile Friendliness

There is a huge difference between the size of a mobile phone and a laptop or desktop. Considering this point the web design should be made. The website’s flexibility in loading the complete content on either a mobile phone or a laptop must be quick.

Sometimes we witness that a majority of website elements is missing when opened in mobile but when the same site opens on a laptop, the content is crisp and vividly visible.

Make your website mobile friendly, a huge portion of the world’s population today prefers mobile over the desktop because of its compact size, and portability. When the whole world is available on the mobile phone, your website needs to be made mobile-friendly too in order to soar the heights of ranking.

  • Choose Quality Over Quantity

Nobody likes to read an extra-long content with lots of clutter and useless information. While designing a website choose the short, crisp and clear content, free from the presence of unwanted elements.

Don’t overload the website with lots of content, try to keep it short and imbibe all the information in those little paragraphs. A site with unnecessary content build has the power to repel the customers rather than increasing the organic traffic.

  • Website Speed

In this digital world, nobody likes to wait, not even for a minute. We as a user get irritated too easily if the website takes more than even a sec to load its content and often leave the site and look for some other options. The work needs to be done at a faster pace, if your website is slow, it won’t stand in this cut-throat competition.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing they consider website loading time or website speed as a factor in deciding its ranking on the search engine result page. Make the experience a smooth process for your users, and then only the expectations of top ranking and huge customer traffic will be accomplished.

  • Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are helpful but also a frustrating point for the users. They haven’t gone through the content, couldn’t get an idea of the company’s services, and a pop-up appears asking them to fill in their details.

Give them some time before presenting the subscription page pop-ups on their faces, at least not as soon as they arrive.

  • Audio and Video

Nowadays, multiple websites have started to use video content along with readable data. It is a smart move that will give visitors a better understanding of the company.

But one thing that must be ensured is that it comes with the mute option and a lower volume that the user can increase later on. An unexpected loud-voiced content that plays automatically as soon as the website opens is very annoying, the idea of the video is great, but it also requires some preventions to take care of.

One can outsource the web designing to some establish an agency or to a freelance web designer in Delhi, the result will be great as long as the doer is an expert. Take care of all the above-mentioned factors to achieve SEO goals efficiently.


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