Organize a Trips to The United States


If you are planning to have a trip to the United States, tell you that it is a simple task and that taking note of simple recommendations you can travel to this great country and enjoy it to the fullest. It is only a matter of taking note of some small details that will facilitate your passage through those lands and will make everything even more comfortable.

Organize a trip to the United States

If you decide to travel by free or on an organized circuit, you should take note of these simple recommendations. Simple things to take note of when planning a trip to the United States.


The first thing you will need to enter US soil is a valid passport.  (Spain is among those countries) and you have an electronic passport whose validity covers your entire stay in the United States; will be the exempt from applying for a visa.

Being exempt from applying for this visa also requires us to apply for the ESTA authorization. It is requested through an official website ( Official website of the Department of Homeland Security ), and its price is 14 $. This is the official rate that you will see multiplied by 4 or 5 in many pages that make this simple management for you. The time it takes to receive the ESTA authorization can reach 72 hours. From my experience, I can tell you that you will usually have it in a few hours. Once in your power, print it and take it with you on a trip.


The validity of this document is two years. You will need it even if you are only going to stop in US territory. You will also need the ESTA to travel to Puerto Rico. And remember, the document is linked to a passport number. If you have to change it, you must request a new ESTA.



The flights to travel to the USA are endless. There are direct ones, others in which you will have to make stops and some that will touch the territory of the United States only to set you on the road to another American destination such as Guatemala or Mexico.


If you buy in advance and use a metasearch engine to find your flights you can get to travel to the United States for much less than you think. Sometimes there are offers to fly to New York for less than 400 euros. They are few, but if you find it, do not hesitate to buy.


In case you padlock your luggage or your suitcase has it integrated, make sure it is certified by the TSA (see if it has a red and white diamond). These locks can be opened by the customs agents without any problem, while if you carry any other, you risk being broken to check the contents of your luggage.



In the United States, there is no public health. Every medical service you need will have to pay for it. Although in all probability nothing happens to you, I guarantee that it will be well-spent money that you spend on taking out insurance when organizing your trip to the United States. Rate all the options and choose the one that best suits your type of trip. If you had private insurance in Spain, first of all, talk to them. In many cases, they also cover accidents and illnesses abroad whenever you are on vacation.




Carrying dollars with you will always be a good idea. For small expenses or in case you need cash on your wallet at some point. It is more advantageous to take the dollars from Spain than to withdraw from an ATM and pay the corresponding commission.


If you have a credit card, it will be best to use it as much as you can first of all, because the real change applies at the time of purchase, because many have insurance in case of loss or theft. And also because what you spend will be charged to the expired month.



In the United States, the voltage is 120 V, and the plugs and plugs are A / B type. So do not forget to put one of those flat double-pin adapters in your suitcase.





Whether or not you are a friend of tipping, when organizing a trip to the United States you will have to assume that they will be part of your day to day life. Especially in restaurants. The salary of the waiters is meager. Therefore, they will strive to work as hard and as best as possible to get a big tip. In general terms, it is stipulated that between 15 and 20% of the amount of the account is left (without fees). No doubt it will seem a lot, but if you go less is likely, especially in premises of a certain level, to ask you what problem has been with the service. The only way to avoid tip is to go to eat and dine at self-service restaurants, delis or street stalls.


In taxis, excursions or luggage, it is also customary to leave tips.


Wifi in the United States

You have finished organizing your trip to the United States, you have reached your destination, and now you want to be connected at all times. To send photos to your friends and family or share your experience in social networks. Roaming almost better forget about how expensive it is. So if you do not want to depend on the free Wi-Fi of one or the other establishment, it is best to bring a prepaid SIM card to the United States from Spain. The Holafly company is perfect for having free wifi in the United States; they allow you to access the Internet unlimited for a certain number of days, from 7 to 15 days. The price? From 29 euros.


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