How LGBTQ Community Benefit From Psychotherapy?


Mental Health America (MHA) published a report highlighting that LGBTQ ((lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community individuals face more severe mental health disparities pertaining to discrimination, societal stigma, human rights and denial of their significance etc. Discrimination against LGBTQ people has become the widely noticed cause for reported psychiatric disorders, suicide incidents and substance abuse growing globally at the alarming rate.

The report also states that if compared to straight people, LGBT individuals are 3 times more likely to face the mental health problem. The other survey revealed that LGBTQ youths in the US are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide, think for self-harming, and experience the suicidal thoughts. Also, LGBTQ community people are 2.5 times more likely to experience anxiety, substance misuse and depression.

Role of Psychotherapist to Benefit LGBTQ Community: 

Majority of LGBTQ community people accept that the social stigma of being in minority with less social respect is the common source of stress, depression and anxiety that are the common symptoms of borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder psychological problems. The only way for LGBTQ community to live psychologically healthy to perform and behave like others do is to involve a Psychotherapist. Just a few sessions with Psychotherapist deliver multiple benefits even beyond expectations of LGBTQ individuals; however, Psychotherapist needs to be LGBTQ specialist who could understand the shared problems and probable causes in true colors.

Benefits of Psychotherapy for LGBTQ Community:

Each LGBTQ community member has own issues some of which can’t be discussed in normal clinical environment or during group psychotherapy. LGBTQ individual needs non-judgmental and safe environment with high privacy. LGBTQ Psychotherapist pays personal attention to address the individual’s problem in friendly manner. The more in common benefits from LGBTQ psychotherapy include:

  • Improved feel of self- esteem
  • Improved confidence
  • Higher sense of respect
  • Low feel of discrimination in society
  • Empowered to face rejection often faced in society
  • Learning to turn down bullying possibility
  • Support to help you accept sexual orientation
  • No more depression, anxiety, stress
  • Ability to coping with people’s reactions
  • Positive attitude that helps to lead growth oriented life even in challenging conditions

When Should You Seek LGBTQ Psychotherapy? 

Do not suffer silently. LGBTQ psychotherapy is a special stream developed just for the LGBTQ individuals; therefore, it is highly effective to neutralize any negative thought. You should approach a LGBTQ specialist Psychotherapist as soon as you experience the need of someone to whom you could share your problem without a hitch. It is never too late to seek psychotherapy, no matter how big or small your problem seems. Just notice, map and list your feelings and behavior change:

  • If you feel tired all the time
  • If you feel tearful
  • If you shy away from the people
  • If you no longer like to do things that you usually used to enjoy
  • If you use alcohol or drugs to calm down feelings
  • If you think to harm yourself
  • If you feel worthless, failure and rejected
  • If you feel guilty

Why A LGBTQ Psychotherapist Can Transform The Way You Live:

The involvement of a LGBTQ Psychotherapist changes your perspective about the current and future life in a friendly manner by taking out all the negativities from you because he/she –

  • Understands that the homosexuality or bisexuality are not mental illness indictors
  • Understands the ways in which social stigmatization poses risks to your mental health and wellness
  • Understands the importance of LGBTQ relationships
  • Understands the particular issues or challenges that you share
  • Understands your goals better and suggest the best course of actions
  • Respects you and has patience to here
  • Has adequate qualification and experience to follow the best psychotherapy treatment

Concluding Note:

Numbers of psychotherapies have been invented to psychologically treat the depression, anxiety and other commonly found symptoms of bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder in LGBTQ individuals. The LGBTQ specialist Psychotherapist analyze the shared problem, causes, thought process, living environment, career goals etc before deciding the best course to treat the problem with emphasis on strengthening your inner self to take on the challenges.


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