How GST applies on Free Banking Services ?


The effect of GST on the economy has been helpful and profitable so far, as can be seen from the rising tax income and resultant financial combination more than ever. With more than 1 crore Indian organizations previously experienced the online GST registration process in India since the start of the GST Regime, the pace of economic changes is by all accounts hopeful than at any other time before GST roll out.


Up to this date, practically all goods and services have included under the ambit of GST. Nonetheless, certain services that are vital for the overall population must not be taxed as this can build load on normal man’s shoulders. Remembering this view, the GST Authorities have chosen to keep the free banking services, for example, issuance of check books, credit/platinum cards and ATM withdrawals and so on out of the GST domain.

#1. How are the banking services be treated under GST law?


In the wake of the as of late held 27th GST committee meeting, Department of Finance had cleared all questions with respect to forcing GST on the free banking services. It has stated that such services are probably going to stay out of the GST ambit.



#2. What is the present condition in regards to backhanded tax on free banking services?


Till now, the banking services were charged service tax according to the accompanying calendar given below-


Particulars Rate of Tax
Service Tax 10% of the total value of services
Education Cess 2% of the service to be paid
Secondary and Higher Education cess 1% of the service tax to be paid.


#3. How did the make a difference gain consideration of Revenue Department?


The business banks were continually getting service tax sees for the period 2012-2017 for non-installment of service tax on free banking services. The notice was anyway filled in as tax authorities had contended that banks were requesting that their clients keep up a base record balance. Thus, they were not offering them any ‘free service’ and were really charging them by method for support of least record balance.


#4. How was the decision made?


In the midst of the banks getting service tax sees, the Department of Finance had contact with the Department of Revenue Services and had looked for lucidity on the issue of banking services would draw in GST.


#5. What decision has been taken in this matter?


The Department of Finance had raised the point that since banking services like issuance of cheque books, pass books, other banking instruments and ATM drawings are not viewed as business exercises as they are free up somewhat, consequently they can’t be brought under the domain of GST as other business exercises that are completed by the brokers who have experienced GST registration.


Being non-business services, free banking services are probably going to stay out of the GST ambit.

The banks & financial institutions are hence required to comply with the GST regulations discussed above. The free banking services have been treated under GST  as shown in the table above.


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