Early Life and Education


Hello friends, Exactly like Shah Rukh Khan at Bollywood is considered to be King of Bollywood, at Precisely the Same way, “Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji)” Won’t be Incorrect with the King of Indian YouTube Industry.

At the moment, Gaurav Chaudhary runs two stations on YouTube. On his principal station “Technical Guruji”, the day honors the most effective technical video. At the moment, there are over 8 million readers around the Technical Guruji Channel, that can be rising with time. For Gaurav Chaudhary, the travel from Zero to 8 million readers wasn’t simple, at the meantime, he faced numerous problems. Now, Gaurav Chaudhary functions for inspiration for each YouTube creator.

Early Life and Education

Gaurav’s first education was from Ajmer. In accordance with Gaurav, he had been great from the start from the research. When his dad was moved from Ajmer to Bikaner, Gaurav came to Bikaner to get additional studies. Gaurav continued his research at Bikaner from Birla Institute of mathematics and engineering.

Meanwhile, the Gaurav’s daddy meets a collision and then he went into the sidewalk. After a while his dad died. To be able to continue the additional research, Gaurav moved into his brother in Dubai at 2012.

In accordance with Gaurav, this season life is changing . Back in BITS Pilani, he discovered intensive new things about technologies Following completion of research, he obtained certification in the safety of Dubai Police and began serving Dubai Police as a safety engineer.


When Gaurav was trying to find the Dubai Police, he had sufficient free time. To be able to make decent use of the time and also to offer the very best information concerning the tech to the individuals, on 18 October 2015, Technical Guruji Channel began. Through this channel, the sole intention of Gaurav was going to make folks conscious of the ideal details regarding engineering in Hindi.

The first phase of the channel was quite hard, but following the advent of JIO at 2016, Technical Guruji became the fastest growing tech station in India. As time passed, new folks continued to join this station, and now the Technical Guruji Channel has over 10 million subscribers.

Recently Gaurav takes Indian Business Coach Dr. Vivek Bindra Interview on his Personal YouTube Channel Gaurav Chaudhary.


While on the other hand, all of the technical stations of India were slowly climbing, on the other hand, Gaurav Chaudhary’s station “Technical Guruji” became India’s fastest growing station. This achievement of Gaurav Chaudhary wasn’t coming to his rival.


As a result of this aggravation, many large founders criticized Gaurav and attempted to damage his great picture. Gaurav Chaudhary created a movie in the responsibility of all of these critics. Following This movie, All of the burning founders stopped speaking.

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