5 Wedding Entertainment Ideas for 2019


We have witnessed many royals, celebrities and influencers set the bar high in terms of wedding making 2018 creates a huge challenge including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle whose big day included a 20-piece gospel choir performing a unique rendition of ‘Stand By Me’.

With the nature desire to continuously out do those from the year before, 2019 opens gates for expectations and creativity of brides and grooms.

There is a reason Pinterest is such a treasure trove of color schemes, décor ideas, and wedding dress options if you are getting married this year and it is more likely that you have done a great deal of research and wedding planning online.

So, how can we continue support our many brides and grooms and what are the predicted wedding entertainment trends for 2019 and beyond?

  1. Fire Performers

Fire performers are in huge demand right now without a doubt. They create a dramatic arrival for your evening guests as their flamboyant shows are spectacular.

Your guests are going to simply stuck to amazement witnessing the fire breathers are there daring routines comprises of spinning, breathing and dancing with the show of light.

The fire performers are going to add a lot of spice to your evening with their unique blissful acts of fire. You can easily add them to your list of events at your wedding including their fire acts.

  1. Magician Entertainer

Couples nowadays are searching for unique ideas to make their wedding a perfect one. For this you can readily choose a close up magician entertainer Sydney as he will keep entertaining your guests.

For drinks receptions or wedding breakfasts hiring a magician makes a perfect choice and they are popular as well specially in Australia this has become a trend.

When your guests are all hooked up clicking away photos they prove to be the best sort of entertainment.

They can even perform at your table with the ongoing wedding breakfast. Even in your evening reception you can well add them as the best entertainers.

  1. The Circus Entertainers

The circus trend continues to be huge throughout this year specifically credited to the success of films which has been witnessed earlier. When it comes to those acrobats, contortionists, stilt walkers and aerialists, they tend to be quite graceful and versatile as performers.

They can tailor their performance to your requirements whether it is a spectacular show or drinks reception entertainment. They can also create a spectacular display that will have your guests speaking of for a long time to come as they have a range of costumes to suit any color theme.

  1. Show/Flapper Girls

For meeting and greeting the guests as they arrive, the show girl or flapper girls are perfect. When your guests are all confused of where to land when they are searching for your wedding venues, these glitzy glittery girls will greet them at the entrance.

While of this goes on they might even hold a pose to click a photograph with you. Once all your guests have settled down, the girls can create a blast at your event with their choreographed performance.

Or why not have the girls lead you into your evening reception and introduce the first dance when you make a grand entrance with these girls? There are plenty of options to go for.

  1. Human Tables

Let the drinks tables come to you! Keep the drinks flowing with stunningly unique walkabout champagne table to avoid letting your guests stand around with empty glasses. This is a unique idea which you might not have seen earlier. These human tables are actually human who wears a dress carrying up to 80 flutes of your favorite fizz at a time. While you’re official wedding photos are being taken this way you can very well keep your guests busy.


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