12 Ways to Transform your Graphic Tee for Various Occasions


Graphic t-shirts are a craze among people of all the age groups. The idea of promoting your beliefs cannot be done in a subtler way than flaunting it on yourself. But since graphic t-shirts are more of a casual wear; many people find it difficult to wear them except during casual occasions. But if you know how to adorn it the right way, you can even wear them to the red carpet. Here are some ways you can glam up a graphic t-shirt.

Dinner jacket: 

If you want to look well-dressed but don’t want to make it look overdone, try combining the casual tee with a semi-formal dinner jacket. The shade of the jacket must be classy but not too formal (like pure black).

Statement jacket:

Pair the tee with a statement jacket to tone down the informal vibe. It can even be a loose-fitted and belted top coat.

Collared shirt:

Try wearing a well-fitted collared shirt underneath a graphic tee. The shirt must be tight enough to not make the attire appear bulky under the tee.


You can consider adding a shirt dress on top of your tee to dress up your attire. Denim shirt dresses and strappy sandals make a good pair. Unbutton the first few buttons of the dress to reveal your tee as well.

Neutral blazer:

Pair graphic tees with blazers having fancy hardware, buttons or zippers on it against a calm shade like khaki.

Mini skirt:


The cutest way to wear a graphic t-shirt is by tucking it in a high-waisted mini skirt. Complete the look with a skinny belt and a pair of wedges. Chockers also complement this look well.

Skinny pants:

Slim-fit, solid colored pants with semi-formal shoes are a great way to dress up designer t-shirts.

Fancy trousers:

Wear the graphic tee with fancy trousers such as chinos along with sneakers and a dinner jacket. Choose trousers with a slight crease and sheen down the center of the legs. It can be patterned or plain from wide-legged to straight legged. Don’t forget to tuck in your graphic t-shirt.

 Long skirt:

To convert your look into an elegant one, pair the tee with a long, diaphanous, and light-coloredskirt which are ankle or knee-length. Opt for formal shoes.

Wide-legged pants:

 You can try a bolder look by choosing palazzo pants with cheetah/ safari prints on it. Pair it with a matching belt or sash to complete your bold avatar.


Midi skirt:

Wear a voluminous midi skirt with a tucked-in tee. You can choose a jewel-toned floral fabric to make it fancy.



 Well, if you are comfortable enough, then you can even go bottomless! Wearing a long graphic t-shirt as a dress is a pretty cool idea. But the catch here is to mind what you pair it with. Dark-colored tall boots such as plush boots make the attire look incredibly chic. You can even consider adding an extra-long pendant necklace with it. If you want to add length in the back, then wear an overcoat or choose a hi-lo tee.

These are some ways to transform a simple tee and wear them for various occasions. Make sure you buy good quality graphic t-shirts online to ensure durability.



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