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If you have a garden, you know how much work there is in this piece of green paradise. How good, if you have a few small everyday helpers that can facilitate the work. One of those useful things is Wheelbarrow .

What is Wheelbarrow?


A Wheelbarrow is the advancement and a clever alternative to the wheelbarrow and the hand cart and can take on many functions around the house and the property. This useful helper can, for example, make it easier to work on one’s own land, as it can be used to save annoying journeys and to transport even heavier loads by only one person.

There are different models that are suitable depending on the work and requirements. As a rule, a Wheelbarrow equipped with 4 air-filled wheels. However, there are also models that have only 3 wheels. Some models can be tilted, for example, to more conveniently unload bulk goods. The side panels of other models can be folded down to move even bulky loads. Online you can get a comprehensive overview of the individual versions to find the right garden trailer for his needs.


The History of the Wheelbarrow


So-called Wheelbarrow Over the years, they developed from the single-wheeled wheelbarrow and the multi-wheeled handcart, each of which can look back on a long career. Because since the invention of the wheel there are also handcarts, which were used to facilitate and transport goods.


The first evidence of cartwheels (at that time still in disk form with a diameter of 40 and 80 cm) exists since the middle/end of the 4. A millennium before Christ in north Germany and Mesopotamia. The history of the wheelbarrow began in ancient Greece around 406 BC when, for reasons of simplicity, they began to develop carts that were more maneuverable because they had only one wheel and could be operated and balanced by one person.

In the present time, however, the handcart with the 4 wheels for gardening is becoming increasingly important again. This popularity is partly due to the fact that such a cart does not have to be balanced, because you can carry heavier loads and because it can be pulled comfortably with just one hand.

The Functions of Garden Trolleys


With a so-called trolley, almost all things around the house and garden can be easily transported. Thanks to the insertable tarpaulin or the closed pan of many models, smaller objects or bulk goods such as pebbles or sand can be transported from A to B without any loss. But even in the gardening itself, the car can afford good services.

If you take it, for example, for weeding with weed, you can collect the resulting waste after ripping right in the car and then to compost drive. It does not matter if you interrupt your work for a while. Because when you move the car to the side, the garden always looks tidy and the troublesome piles of plucked weeds on the paths are eliminated. Depending on the model, the individual cars can also be tilted or attached to a bicycle or to the lawnmower tractor. Individual smaller models can also be used by folding up and extending a handle as a sack truck or trolley. As a result, the applications of the garden trolley in addition extend.


What Should You Look for When Buying a Wheelbarrow?


If you are thinking about buying the best wheelbarrow, you should think in advance about the wide range of different models, for which you mainly want to use the useful car and then look for a suitable offer.


Since the choice is quite large, the satisfied customer reviews or test results of independent institutions can be helpful in the decision. In these self-responsible tests, among other things, the price-performance ratio, the quality of the materials and their processing as well as the technical data of the individual models and the possible applications are examined in detail.

Furthermore, one can ask around in the circle of friends or acquaintances and so get opinions on the different models.


Furthermore, it is important to know what you want to use the car in the main because after the field of the application you can compare the individual available models with their different characteristics and so find the right car for themselves. For example, before making a purchase decision, you should ask yourself:


  • What do I mainly use the Wheelbarrow for?
  • Do I have to transport heavy or bulky items more often?
  • Do I need a car with air-filled wheels?
  • Is the car exposed to the weather conditions without protection or can I place it?
  • How much capacity should the car have?
  • How much money do I want to invest for the car?


Depending on the answer, you can then look at the appropriate car either on the Internet or at a local dealer and compare and also purchase the appropriate trolley on request. When buying on the Internet, however, make sure that you have to assemble the vehicle even after receipt. A service that many a local retailer can fulfill on request.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Different


Models On the Internet you can find out about the pros and cons of individual models. Thus, in comparison, the 20 most common garden trolleys have been put through their paces and compared with each other. The best results are listed below:


Place 1: The Wheelbarrow with tilt function steering axle and pneumatic tires from Juskys Tools with a maximum load of 300kg and a maximum load weight (tilted) of 125kg. Large, robust car, which initially stinks of rubber and chemistry.


2nd place: The Wheelbarrow with tilt function, steering axle and pneumatic tires from Deuba with practical tilt function. Screw connections are criticized and as well as the strong odor.


3rd place: The transport trolley GGW 300 from Güde. The car can be tilted or attached to a lawnmower tractor and is very agile despite the 300kg maximum load. Shortcoming: Assembly very difficult, drawbar not stably welded.


4th place: The TecTake® cartHandcart Handcart with tarpaulin XXL with hinged sidewalls and external tarpaulin, a detachable coupling and a maximum load of 544 kg. According to some customer reviews, poor workmanship and fast material wear of the wheels. Other customers, however, were very satisfied with the car, according to their reviews.


Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves which is the right Wheelbarrow. Comparing individual models and soliciting customer reviews is an advantage to avoid any disappointment and expensive short-selling. In principle, however, it can be said that a Wheelbarrow can facilitate the work on its own property and quickly ensures more order.


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